Monthly Update: 090617


A quick update from me, since the Alpha Demo is out, I might release an actual Demo of TBoVH including prologue + the first 2-3 chapters. Though, the progress is still at the bottom of the ocean, due money and freetime spend on commissions and freelancing. I don't know how long is going to take to be fully finish as a demo... OTL

There is some work & planning such as...

Interaction Scene (Point & Click Style)

Save/Load changes - Of course, the "Save Game?" bus-stop wouldn't be in the Demo! I would like to have it blend in the game to give the player an immersion feeling.

Memory Album - Giving the player the replay scenes. Rough idea, Need some work around...

CG Gallery

Music/Audio Overhaul - I'm still in need of a fitting music and looking for sound effects. The hunt still continues on world wide web.

Free - The game itself is free to play, I made my decision clearly. I take the risk to starve myself but how about If I release an artbook exclusive for this project? Each character-specific and affordable. I can feel some people are interested in this kind of thing...

There might be more and you are free to leave suggestions and feedbacks! The Alpha Demo is here for a little peak, trying out if everything works as usual. (Though I spotted some bugs in the current version... OTL)

Enjoy your day! LG RII!

Get The Book of Vita Historia (ALPHA DEMO)

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